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Some of you are blessed with SO’s who actually understand MMO’s.   Or maybe kids.   Not me – I have the following family situation :

My 11 year old daughter only likes Pirates of the Burning Sea.    At least, very occasionally.   I think all she really wants to do is dress up the pirate wench.    I introduced her to a few other games and she’s bored of all of them.

My 8 year old boy only wants to watch me play games occasionally.    He may develop some interest.   Right now when I say “You try” he absolutely refuses.

Then there’s my wife.      She’s a fantastic woman (and I am 100% sure will never read this so I’m safe !) but only meh on the gamer scale.    We get the family together and play Clue, Monopoly, Just Dance, and Wii Bowling.    She plays a mean game of Transamerica and Backgammon.    But when it comes to games on the computer she is willfully ignorant.

By willfully, I mean I attempt to explain the larger context of something I’m doing in game and  ….. She hears nothing.     And I wish she’d just trust me, but she doesn’t.

For example – I actually get into and EQ2 group.    This is a newsworthy event nowadays all by itself.     After 9:00 pm PST it is excruciatingly difficult to get into a group, and I am not the sort with patience and skill to get one started.     This has lead to soloing and slow levelling.    Then a Level 90 with his merc ask me into someplace where we are killing epic x2’s.    I take out five of them in about 10 minutes, and get as much XP as perhaps an hour of soloing in green territory.     So I’m excited, until SHE comes in….

Can you help me with the pictures ?

Uhhhh – It’s kind of hard to get group, and I finally got into one…

Oh brother.   Can you pause it in about a couple of minutes ?

No, not really, the group can’t just sit and wait for me.

This happens all the time !    Come on I need help with the pictures !

(At this point, I realize I’m going to lose and log off.    Peace in the house is important)

See, what’s wrong with this picture ?

OK, we need to save it in original size format from Flickr.    (Saved)   (Time elapsed = 1 minute)

I also need this one in Picasa.

Fumble through and save it.    (Time elapsed = 1 minute)

OK Now we need to print them.   Let me do that.    (Time elapsed = 2 minutes)

OK thanks hon !

That’s it ?    I just lost my opportunity to group !    That cost me tons of progress ……

Oh, you sound like a little kid.    You and your stupid games !

But you don’t understand, let me explain.

We needed to do it.   I don’t want to hear about your stupid games.

No chance to explain.    No care about the difficulty and annoyance she’s imposed on me.     Argh.    The worst part is, this was so we could pick up the pics before boy scounts on Monday night.    Guess what she forgot to do ?   SO IT WAS ALL FOR NOTHING !

It makes me wonder what I need to do to keep gaming in its proper place.    Do I *really* want to play EQ2 if the choices are

  • Solo from 83 to 90 and be bored as the XP gain seems to be going too slow at this point ?    This is partly the result of less quests available and it also seems Kunark has very low XP.    Plus side : There’s effectively a pause button here.
  • Group up when possible, be unable to pause, and have family issues ?
Do I really want to play World of Tanks, where once you are in a match you are tied up for anywhere from 3 – 20 minutes ?     I think the answer here is a cautious yes.    But with a limited level of attention.    And certainly not buying a premium account which triggers the cheapskate impulse (MUST EXTRACT MAXIMUM VALUE) and gets me playing many many matches.
Do I really want to play Star Trek Online ?    Well, perhaps – so far I can walk away from anything I’m doing with no ill effects.     Just leave the encounter for deep space ones, and just *stand there* in most of the missions.    Everybody will leave you alone, no wanderers come looking for you.    Come on back when you can Captain – we’ll wait here !
Do I really want to play games without a pause button ?

Today’s rambling will be followed with an epic post about gaming until dawn and sleeping through work.