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Weekend update on three games.

EQ2 : Tlaloc has dinged to a 67 provisioner, these six levels earned over the course of 7 or so days which works OK.     I could determinedly get him very high quickly, but that way lies boredom and madness, so I’m trying to limit it to one level a day.    Saturday night we got 2 1/2 levels making up time for previous days not leveled.

Tezcatlipocca has completed more quests in the Kunzar Jungle and is moving on to Jarsath Wastes.    This is an interesting zone I’ve never seen before.   Thought I should head off to the docks; this was a mistake as the docks are hostile and guarded by heroic ^^^’s.     The XP gain has slowed significantly, and I am surprised to see it’s becoming less of a cakewalk, and less fun.    The problem being I am very motivated to get up to 90, the way there seems to be grouping, and I log on after everybody is done with grouping.     Well, we’ll see.

Star Trek : Hammer has made it up to level 6 .   Done what I think are more tutorial matches, including a daily mission that gave a decent item upgrade reward.    I like the complete lack of pressure to play that I feel for this game given that it’s free, as opposed to EQ2 where I am now subscribed until 2/22 and had better get my value out of it.

World of Tanks :

  • Purchased a KV for 50% off, haven’t played many matches in it yet.
  • Ferdinand at 122k.   T29 at 10k.   T-50 at 51k, just 3k to go for elite.
  • I gave up on the Leopard.   I hate this thing – it’s not as fast as the T-50 and it seems to have thinner armor.    Screw eliting it, I only have 12k and need over 50k for elite status.
  • Elited the little French starter tank (T1).   Four losses in a row, then on a win with 2x got almost everything, and elited it.    No interest in playing French; I have enough grinding with the other three trees.
  • Played a few matches in the Tetrach.   I liked it.    The crew is at 50% so if I want to keep them that will be quite a few matches to make them skillful.   Bought 50% off equipment for it as well, the aimer, the 5% ventilation, and the spall liner.
  • Enjoying the Tiger.   It performs well!    It’s hard to be mad at any tank with six matches, and six wins.    Still trying to get the upgraded turret to allow an upgraded gun.
  • Grand total is now 6,080 matches.

There goes all the credits I was saving to move towards the Maus.    Then again the forum consensus is about 66% “Don’t play a T10 in public matches”.    This makes me less interested in reaching the top.    You never know until you try things though so while I won’t exactly give up, I won’t try real hard to make it happen either.