Now I have a nice new Tiger tank in my garage.

German Tech Tree

This elited both the VK3601 and the Tiger P

The cost was around 600k credits which isn’t bad at all.    First and only match was fun; I remain worried that the thing is too easy to kill based on fighting against it.

And of all the things – I frequent the Dollar Store when I can, and what was on sale there ?

Perfect book for World of Tanks devotees

The Amazon.com link shows it on sale for $9.73.   Haha suckers !

Edwards wanted Guitteau to race his platoon of five tanks into Herrlisheim at top speed staying close to the Zorn Canal, as far as possible from those guns that had shot up Company A.   Then Major Edwards proceeded to affirm our judgement of him.   Before this small group of ten to twelve soldiers, he emptied all his pockets of any personal effects and handed them to his jeep driver, who was staying behind, instructing him to send them to his next of kin.

Pretty bad ass.   That’s just grabbing the book, thumbing it open, and reading a random page.   I’ll have to give a read in earnest.

Edit : Another special offer from World of Tanks, half off the prices for many items.