I took a quick look at the matrix and the forums for STO free-to-play, versus subscription.     They describe this as Silver, versus Gold.

Strangely, most of the items on the list are the same.    As a returning player, I at one time subscribed to the game and therefore get some items unlocked already.    Limitations for me are :

  • 10 million EC cap
  • Character slots = 3.
  • Inventory of 42, bank slots of 48.    Versus 72 and 108, respectively.
  • Captain retrain token
  • Foundry creator access.   Sounds like player-generated-content maker.
  • Veteran rewards.    Kind of a strange item to lock out for free players.
  • Priority Login (So far, no problems logging in)

So to sum up what would interest me, I should subscribe so my inventory can be larger.     Well, that’s no incentive at all.   Free it is for me.

The C-store probably has some interesting things in there, but at around 1.25 cent per point.    The Enterprise, for instance, is 400 Cryptics = $5.   Compare the prices though – getting a ship for 400 Cryptics, or I can unlock a new shirt for my characters at 440 Cryptics.     I was very alarmed at seeing the costume costs while in game, but the prices shown for the ships seem pretty reasonable.   The most expensive Federation ship (Dreadnaught) runs 2,000 Cryptics, aka $25.   Now, if I run through the ships quickly this would start to sound like a bad deal, but I don’t think it will happen that way.    Not at the rate I’m going anyway.

Apparently, the normal progression is after you reach Commander rank, you will need to either acquire dilithium, buy with Cryptics, or be a subscriber.   It’d be nice if the matrix mentioned this important distinction.