It’s a good thing, when you have more entertainment options available than you do time.    Mostly I am very much enjoying Everquest 2 again.

I continue to collect money in Nightclub City and make little improvements to my clubs.     I think I will simply post about this at the end of January.

Star Trek Online, and City of Heroes, are two games I would really like to get a  look at.    Both free to play, no subscription required, is enough to make me want to try them out.    I’ve played STO, just for the one month free, and declined to continue subscribing; I played Champions Online for a few months and enjoyed that, but I was definitely done.

And of course – Star Wars.    The whole MMO world is very excited about this, and this is what my meatspace friends are actually playing. I just can’t work up any interest.     Blow another, what, $50 and sign up for another subscription just to try it ?    I am much more interested in exploring things that only cost me time.     This is where the Free To Play model really works – all I have to do is get motivated, and I could be very close to becoming a new subscriber for these types of games.

Now, for instance, look at World of tanks.     They need a large number of players to make the game actually fun, and match people up.    So they make it free to play.    Then, they look for the players with money who want to support awesome gameplay (Like, yours truly).    They offer them premium tanks for a bunch of dollars, and subscriptions if you want to climb the ladder faster.

The drawback, for me as a player, is if I have a subscription I really feel pressured to play that game.    Must.   Extract.    Maximum.   Value.     This just works on my subconscious for some reason, and detracts from enjoying the game.     But if I’m just donating to the game company whenever I feel the  interest (Like, to buy the Lowe tanks) all the pressure is off and it’s more fun.    I sure hope I’m not being trained into the Whale role – you know the guy who loses tons of money gambling ?     Yeah, him, except for online games.