I began the night looking into my Graw’s Crown problem.   Searching zam.com yielded a merchant who will sell me a flight disk : the Craft Keeper’s Disk of Flight.   But Holy Moly !   40 platinum to purchase this thing ?   Plus 800,000 status which shouldn’t be a problem.     Will this thing simply…… fly ?

It wasn’t necessary to find out.    I got a free Leaper mount in Butcherblock; and it turns out, there’s also a free Glider mount in Tenebrous Tangle.    Did the quest there (along with some other, new quests…. I’ll want to run through here thoroughly at some point) and got my glider, then headed to Ykesha to finish this bad boy off.    Thanks to the forum posters who gave me good advice !

Attempt #1 showed me just how glide works.    I waited forever for the glider to sink onto the top of Graw’s Crown.     I finally noticed there’s actually a pond on the top of it .      I spun in a circle for what felt like forever…… and, slid off of the stupid mountain !       Apparently if you’re gliding, you better be ready to cancel it when you are where you want to be.

There it is !

Attempt #2 ended with me floating over the destination and just attempting to poof the mount, and fall to my death in the middle of it.   Supposedly, you get the update even if you die.     Well, assuming you hit the target – I bounced off the side of the mountain instead.   Phooey.

Attempt #3 I just flew the mount around for a while and did not attempt to do a circling maneuver over the target.    I just tried to scrub off altitude going back and forth until it was fairly big underneath me.    Then, I poofed the mount and fell into the little pond.    Bam !    Finally got the update.

The effort involved in getting this was big, and it kind of exhausted me.     I finished off the quest and had had enough for the night, and logged off.