I began the weekend thinking I would get tradeskill levels done; but this of course requires you to have harvested items.

Or does it ?     One of the new guild features includes personal harvesting bots.

This little guy will gather for you

Send these little guys out, and they apparently harvest items.   I haven’t run them yet but others in the guild do to fill up the harvesting depot.      And, the depot holds items that you need to use to craft – if you want to make items to level up, knock yourself out, nobody needs to harvest and you’re not causing any problem using your guild materials.    So I had Tez work on some tradeskills and he dinged 51, a bit closer to working on the Wurmslayer.

This introduced a little wrinkle for Tlaloc the provisioner, as he’s not yet part of a guild.     Did not manage to get him invited into any guild as no officers were on for the two I’m active in.    Harvesting T6 items is done in either the Sinking Sands, Pillars of Flame, or Greater Faydark.     After trying all three it looks like the best place is Pillars of Flame, but it’s not a quick thing by any means.     So he’s stuck at his level until I manage to either harvest more stuff for him, or get him into the guild.

Makes me wonder about guilds in the game nowadays.    Do you just want to be part of a level 90 guild with all the “Stuff” ?    Or is it better to be part of one where people actually play at the same time as you.    Hard to tell, and I doubt there’s an easy answer.

Managed to complete 2,023 quests with Tezcatlipocca; still #6 among Freeport mystics.   I passed one person, but must have gotten passed also.    Pretty much all non-heroic quests in Moors of Ykesha are completed now, except for one related to exploring the pathway up to Guk.     And, this left me with a last outstanding quest – Bogstrutter’s field guide to the Moors of Ykesha.

Now, being the very first quest you get while entering the Moors, you’d think you could get it finished.   You’d be wrong.    It’s all about Graw’s Crown, a big old tower sitting in the middle of the Lower Moors.     In order to get in, you need to complete an access quest called “A rat’s a rat’s a rat”.    The problem is, this quest requires you to possess a rat in Gunthak’s shanty.

There is currently a bug where no quests will update while you have possessed anything.     But the quest requires you to kill a monkey in rat form.    So, no access to Graw’s Crown.

Now, enterprising players have figured out some other ideas.    I am trying to figure out if it’s simply vandalism or I just don’t see it, but it’s claimed you can jump from the Tupta tree to some ledge, follow that ledge, and jump into the Crown from there.    Just based on the geography I think it’s wiki vandalism, and I wasted a fair amount of time chasing that one down.

Another option is to have a flying mount.    Just fly up there !    Easy peasy.     So far as I know, I cannot get a flying mount except with Station Cash from the marketplace, and I am not buying anything until I’ve purchased expansions.

A third option is to stand on the Overlook.     You can see the top of the tower.     Now if you have a fae fall item, you can apparently just jump and you’ll make it there.     The problem is, once again, I can’t find a fae fall item for sale on the broker.    I searched for quite a while for flying mounts, fae falls, feather falls, and finally gave up in frustration.

After asking around, a guildy mentioned the leaper mount quest.     I had no idea.    There’s a guy in Butcherblock who will give you a dinosaur mount just for completing a fairly easy quest.    And it runs fairly fast, and jumps pretty high.    So I got one, and with trepidation stood on the edge of the Overlook, ready to jump.     First, took off all my items as I figured I’d die if I missed, and then ran off the edge and jumped.     But I didn’t make it, only got about half way there.    The mount does not jump high enough it seems.    On the plus side, you don’t seem to get hurt when falling while riding him; the fall should have killed me.

I also tried asking around for help, but that didn’t go very far.    I need someone who can port me to them; and this person has to have access to Graw’s Crown, or a fae fall, or a flying mount.    Try getting help with that list of requirements from the 1-9 channel.     I suppose I’ll just have to keep asking.   What would be helpful is to know what classes can port you to them.

I finally gave up when I got an invite to come to Sebilis for a group fight.     I haven’t grouped yet since coming back, and I’m glad I did, it was a lot of fun.     Getting there was a challenge – I simply didn’t know how to go there.     I took a wizard spire to Kylong Plains, a griffin ride and zoned into Fens of Nathsar, another griffin ride and made it there.    I got the feeling the group was tolerating me being a noob because I was a healer and they needed one; there’s apparently a way to get directly to the Fens.   Then again, none of them could give clear directions either !

I even dinged 81 quickly, and then 82 later in the night.   This was after playing for a couple of hours in the group.    The whole thing passed in a blur as I kept wards up at all times, healed when appropriate, rezzed people a couple of times, and just concentrated.    The biggest problem I had is my single target ward spell is the most important tool I have.    And I just could not tell at any point if it was active on the tank.     I should have an icon in the lower right showing me, but it wasn’t visible, and quick attempts to expand the size of that window weren’t successful.    My group ward showed up, of course.    So all I ended up doing was casting the ward on him constantly, and it worked pretty well.

I left once it was down to just me and the tank, and we wiped as a duo after everyone else left.    As it was extremely late, I logged at that point.    Obviously, when I have nights available and a long playtime, I need to try and group up more.      Lots of fun !