Managed to ding 80 with Tezcatlipocca.  Put another AA on the shaman tree, and need to get one more before I can work on the proccing group ward one.   Did this after getting a tip on how to get the Nuknok piglet.

I had tried leashing this little bugger and porting out – got a quest reward with a 5 port item.  The pig didn’t make it.   Next, tried delving into the cavern and running out with him.    After killing my way to him though, everything repopped behind me.  Not wanting to fight my way out, and after watching someone on a mount run out, I tried it. I was followed all the way back to the dropship zone cannon and killed.

But after trying invisibility, that worked.   Glad I did, that little robot had a whole ‘nother questline for me to play through.    Managed to finish and even got a Nuknok disguise out of it. Now I can walk through the caverns unmolested.

Still needed more xp though, and decided to work the clockworks once again. As #700 went down, I got my ding at last.

Headed to Firmroot Moot and picked up the quests available there. Started working my way up the Spine of Ykesha before I logged for the night.

Also dinged Tlaloc to 56 provisioner. Once he is out of materials (soon) I am thinking to have Tez run through the Sinking Sands, and get items for the both of them.