Tonight had Tezcatlipocca finish off a last round of writs in the Moors of Ykesha (about 40% to 80!), and then it was time to see how auction sales are going.   It looks like the way to deal with selling your loot, and storing things in your bank, has changed from years ago – now you can call to your guild hall and all the amenities are probably installed right there.    So I went ahead and did that.

I’m really surprised how easy it is, nowadays, to sell items for so much gold.    Many of my broker items were sold without a problem, and I had received about 12 plat.    Unfortunately, no more of the poisons sold, but I’ll leave them up for sale.     I took my other potions off the market and just vendored them.    By the old standards, I’m getting rich !    Except for that pesky inflation.

Then I talked to a special guild vendor.    He apparently wants all of my fertilizer-type items and gives random collection items.     I had a bunch of them saved up in the bank to sell, but this is a much better idea.    Got one of the rare Kunark collectibles and a whole smattering of different items.        Went ahead and spent about 50g to buy collectibles myself and then put a ton of them on the market for sale.     This took quite a bit of time, but it’s the kind of thing I love doing anyway.

Tlaloc dinged 55 after I went ahead and finished off a stack of Prickly Pear Smoothies.    Now that I know the effects scale based on adventurer level, I thought why not at least see how well this works.    Made more items and ended up getting 50% to 56, basically a full level earned on this session.     Cooking in the game is quite fun, even if in real life I can barely make Kraft Mac N Cheese.

It’s a bit silly but I enjoy doing the researches the game provides.     It seems each nights session starts with logging in to any character who may have finished something, claiming the upgrade, determining the best item to research, and repeating the process to all characters.    In good completist fashion, I am working some of the level 1-5ish spells for my level 20’s as well as their high teen spells.    If I can get home, claim last nights research, and set up for a one to two hour reasearch window, this lets me have family time and the characters are still progressing.

Huey managed to upgrade his mass root spell, and Tez is getting closer to an upgraded ward.   Now the higher level spell research is another thing entirely.    Huey’s spells take several days to research, and I am holding on to 5 7-day reduction items and won’t use them until he hits the level where research takes over 7 days.      If I understand it right, the time is the same until you reach Master when it doubles, so at the time his mass root goes to Master I’ll probably use one then.      Tez’s spells take a staggering 12 days to research each upgrade; I think I have two 7-day reductions left for him.

I seem to have settled on doing three matches a night for World of Tanks; managed to lose all three but inched forward to the next unlock; I’m only going to play my Tiger P and T-50.     At this rate, I doubt I will elite them during January, but that’s OK.    There’s only so much time in the day.