Tezcatlipocca : 80% to level 79.     Earned all the AA’s that Iwould like to have before level 80.   It looks like there are additional useful ones after I hit level 80.    From the AA calculator at beetny.com :

The Spiritual Leadership one requires Level 80

So with 5 in the Health one on Shadows, I am pretty done until 80.   I would like to upgrade the pet one, but it seems all that does is give additional stats.    While stats are always helpful, I can’t see grinding the AA’s for it until later.    Plus, I am unsure if I can even earn normal XP at level 80 as I do not have the last two expansions.   I’ll find out soon obviously.

Helped out the ghosts in Innothule swamp so they can sleep well again, and managed to rise to positive faction with both the new Guk, and the new Grobb.    Have not played the quests given by the Survival Accord as they seem better for a higher level character to play.    The Innothule Swamp is a well set up zone with many interesting things.    I could not figure out how to climb the Spine of Ykesha, I have a feeling the only way is a dungeon-like crawl past the thullosians, but I was not able confirm this.

While Tez’s guild is a nice bunch of people, it seems they are on east coast time and all log off by the time I’m ready to play seriously; I think tonight will be a time to check out the one Chalchitlicue is in.     Quests complete at 1,967.

After logging off Tez I decided to see how long it would take to move Tlaloc towards maximum tradeskill level and an additional 20% bonus.   Had him craft until dinging 54 provisioner, and that was enough for the night.