Tonight I updated to version 7.1 of the World of Tanks, got a free Russian lend-lease Tetrach tank, and a starter French tank to try out.    My premium status has expired, and I’m more interested in playing EQ2, so I decided to go in and try a couple of battles.    Not really interested in the new tanks – maybe someday.

Played my T-50 and successfully killed the enemies T-50 scouting our position, then scouted the enemy before dieing.   We won the battle.    Also played my Tiger P to a successful battle.  Now messages and kills show not only the player name, but his tank.   Much better info.

But afterwards went quickly back to Everquest 2, continued claiming research results for alts, and had Tez bang out more writs and take out a bunch of clockworks.     The ones at the landing area of the Moors of Ykesha are fun fights, not very dangerous, were giving out good XP, and I need more for slayer titles anyway.    After dinging another achievement point and racking up 550 total clockworks,  it was time to log for the night.

Then I found out about veteran bonuses.   What a neat little gift !

This will impact my plan for Tezcatlipocca and his leveling.    The sooner he hits 90, the sooner I can take advantage of this feature.     I want to get the next two AA points for a health increase; then I need to decide how important +4 STA and +4 WIS is, as well as putting 5 points into the glacial flames combat art.    Past these, the remaining AA’s do not seem that useful.