Over the weekend, I have uninstalled Life is Crime.     Just fighting over a location with extremely repetitive gameplay isn’t much fun.    I am very interested to see what the industry will come up with in regards to location-based gameplay.    Personally, I expect a really big hit with that kind of hook, and I hope to see it happen soon.   I’m not creative enough to figure it out, but it can’t be that repetitive.

In the meantime, I continued to play Everquest 2.     Huehueteotl the wizard finished the Foomby’s Stolen Goods heritage quest and slew fairy after fairy in the Enchanted Lands.   They were easy, it was fun, so I kept at it until I had 400 killed at which time I noticed it was taking a long time to get to the next AA point.   Then I made a startling discovery – he was out of vitality.     It’s not easy to see as vitality counts towards AA points, but the little “bubble” at the right does not display the amount of vitality when in AA mode.   These are good problems to have, I ran out of that perhaps once before back in the day, so I logged him off.

I am taking heavy advantage of the research function and have five characters over level 20 now, so they can get masters on their spells to the degree possible.     This function is leading to something interesting; I want to “finish” the research so that all spells are mastered.    Even the ones I don’t use anymore.    It seems kind of silly on one level, but makes sense on the completist level that I usually operate on.    My main Tezcatlipocca has quite a ways to go on this one, but my little alts might end up with many masters by the time I extensively play them.    This also led to having Hue and Chalchitlicue my conjurer buying spells on the broker if they were cheap enough, to reduce the amount of time needed to finish researching all the spells.    I wouldn’t be surprised if the math on that means it will take years.

I am also beginning to get the idea of travel in the game again.

  • “World Bells” at various locations open a map of zones which you can select.
  • City bells transport you around Qeynos.   Presumably with the Freeport revamp this is no longer needed there.
  • Spires transport you to various locations on a map also, as well as the Kingdom of Sky zones.
  • The legacy EQ1-style zone connections are also present.   I’ve memorized most of these ones and still remember this.   Plus they’re shown on the in-game eq2maps.com tool.
Boats move you between zones too :
  • Between Antonica and Kylong Plains
  • Between Thundering Steppes and Butcherblock
  • Between Nektulos Forest and Butcherblock
  • Between Desert of Flames and Moors of Ykesha

I am now part of three different guilds on Freeport.    One I got randomly telled and asked if I needed a guild, I liked the guys style, so I joined it.    Another I got a random invite and accepted, they clearly just did a mass invite of everybody in Antonica.     The third I sought out because they were in the Moors of Ykesha and I liked their name.    Will see how things go with each group and probably end up with all characters in the same guild.     Not sure I have much of a preference yet for any – they all have very different styles.     I might select one more guild to try, from the ingame guild recruiting tool, except that the top guild on there is the random guild inviter.    That makes me think most of the top guilds probably get their members from that method, and I’m not sure I need two of those to choose from.

I got a better workaround for my endless run bug – when the endless run (and turn) started, on two occasions, I got it to stop by messing around with the movement key controls in the options menu.    After hitting accept, the run stopped.    I am waiting to see if it recurs after doing that, should not have to wait very long because it was late Sunday night when I stopped the last one.

I soloed a “ring event” (I think that’s what it’s called) in the Enchanted Lands and got my first deserved Ornate chest.     These chests have shown up because of random chance, but this is the first one I really earned.    There were a group of fairies around a trailer by Chomper’s pond.    Took em all out.    Then another large group of them spawned, and I took all of them out.     Then a named with a big group of helpers spawned, and with two encounter spells to mash them with, I was able to defeat them.     That was pretty fun.    I tried to get the named to pop again that night but it never did; I wonder if you are unable to get the named again, or if there is a timer.    I looted a legendary item which I unfortunately could not equip though, alas.

I’m considering creating another character and even buying character slots.    It would be nice to check out Freeport on my main account as opposed to Test.     I have six characters so a seventh is still possible, but I’ve held back.   It’s not like I’m anywhere near done with the six that I have.   If I’m correct, it’s not really necessary with the new guild features to try and have one of each crafter as people seem to share very well, which was the biggest reason I ended up with the six that I have.

I am getting the sense that a MASSIVE amount of quests have been added to the game.    There are apparently over 8800.    Things I have never tackled include the Epic for the Mystic.    There’s tradeskill epic as well.   I am so glad I came back to this game.