Tezcatlipocca : Many many hours have been played.   1,956 quests completed.    Managed to get up to 113 AA points just by exploring, doing quests, and beating up whatever was nearby.     Have explored extensively the Moors of Ykesha, finding out about the new swamp area, the new Grobb troll-home, and just where exactly is Guk Dungeons at.

Huehueteotl : 56 AA points.    Had him quest extensively through the Feerrott and grab some harvests, but this is not the best place to simply grab harvests; they’re too hard to see.    I probably should have him go back there and finish up the Orchid finding quest and harvest, but not immediately.    If you really want to complete it, that quest takes forever.   Now, wandering around and finding the items, that’s a different story, it would be more pleasant.    For the moment I will have him more extensively explore the Enchanted Lands once again.

Playing EQ2 is a strange experience.    All the trappings are still the same as years ago…. but it’s also almost a completely different game.

  • Experience gain probably has been doubled or tripled.     Yes, that’s before taking into account the specials they run.
  • Mobs seem to be easier to kill.    I understand the Mystic went through some kind of revamp and is now considered a higher DPS class, and I can sure believe that.    Things that would kill me if I made a tiny mistake now get toasted even if they are adds to another encounter !     I know I can’t shut up about this, but it’s incredibly different.
  • There is (at the moment) no way to see how I am doing on a questing leaderboard.    This lead to some unthinkable behavior : I actually DELETED some quests !    Never done that with Tez before, but if I’m going to play the determined as opposed to obsessive quester, then that makes more sense.
  • I made a bunch of potions and put them up for sale.    PEOPLE BOUGHT THEM.   They’re only level 40ish potions, various poisons and buffs, and I only had to wait a day.     Can you actually sell your crafted goods nowadays ?    All my other stuff sold quickly too.
  • The amount of bag space I seem to have is unbelievable.   I pick up everything I find for later sale – even if we’re only talking about the dreaded 7c junk.    I have yet to fill up my bags/boxes before making a trip back to Qeynos for any reason.     And the strangest part is this is without maxing out my box capacity.
  • I don’t think anybody groups.   Ever.     There are the random requests for groups in XYZ instance but everyone I see running around in the gameworld is alone, with a mercenary, or clearly playing a hydra group, where one person controls multiple characters.

I did do one thing I regretted.     Tez had a bunch of stuff in his bank that I decided to get rid of, and I actually sold the ledger !   You know – “Confound it, where did I put that ledger ?   It must be around here somewhere…”    Well I actually had it and had kept it, but before I realized why it was there it got sold.

I haven’t gotten into the achievement system too much.   This would be fun to pursue as I have only completed about 134 of the 1,350 available.    Much to explore, much to do.     Now, time to continue.