A few more impressions :

  • The 1-9 chat is filled with people yapping.    The zones are filled with people.    Everybody ignores everyone else mostly; I stopped a couple of times and said “Hello” and /dance and silly stuff but nobody talks.
  • If you need help, the 1-9 chat is very helpful.    I even got someone fighting nearby to help me figure out how to complete a ring event.

Tezcatlipocca worked his quests and gained 18 more completed quests for 1897.     The very first quest I tried sent me to Gogas Afadin in Nektulos, I think it was some kind of access quest.   The minute I talked to him, my quest poofed.   Hmmm.   Afterwards, had him head to the Sanctum of the Scaleborn where I got my first taste of fighting tough heroic mobs only 2 levels grey.

It was awesome.   I soloed Gylton, who is a drake needed for the Wurmslayer quest A Thorn of Old.     It was a very intense fight, and at the end I’m just trying to heal myself enough to stay alive and let the wolf DPS him.   Then he falls, and dies !    Then I fall down too…. oh no !   But I am only unconscious.   I wait nervously, and eventually stand back up again and gain more HP.   Phew.

He goes down like a sack of potatos.

The Sanctum quests I had were a lot of running back and forth.   Head to the first level for a chest.   Then head to the second level to open it.    Then to the first level to talk to an amygdalan.   Then to the second level to fetch something for him.   Et cetera ad naseum.   I tried it first with the built in maps (Which actually don’t exist, see the pic ?) and finally installed EQ2Map again for good navigation.    I know the place very well now, would never have been able to do it if everything wasn’t grey (pink).

There were a number of groups in the Sanctum with me and I believe they were determinedly leveling.   They kept leaving loot laying around.    I grabbed a lot of coins and chests because all they did was mass kill the mobs and run off looking for others.     It made one quest slow going as I looked for scaleborn ritualists, but otherwise we all got what we wanted pretty much.

Then I got hit with a run bug.   AGAIN.      I am not sure what it is but when running around in combat my character suddenly decides to keep moving, running, or turning and when I press the movement key, he stops.    This makes it impossible to do anything.   Tez is in the Tenebrous Tangle ready to run right off an island, but thankfully I trapped him in a corner and quit the game.     This bug is very annoying and  I’ve seen it 3 or 4 times already.   It is NOT that autorun is active as I’ve tried those keys and nothing happens.

Then I tried out Huehueteotl the wizard for awhile.   He’s level 44 and running around the Feerott.     Got a lot of quests finished for him and am building up his AA’s steadily.    Had him try to solo Bouncer Ferb, a named ^^^ who green conned.   Got killed – the Bouncer broke root quickly and was deadly up close.

It used to be that if anything got close to Hue, they killed him.    I was getting lazy with the root n nuke combo because it was hard for anything to kill him – just nuke nuke nuke until dead and don’t worry about them being right in front of you swinging a sword or biting you.     Not anymore – it takes many mobs to hurt him or even kill him.

But after the run bug hit Hue again, second time tonite, I gave up and logged for the day.     But EQ2 is fantastically fun now and I expect I’ll be playing for awhile.