After finally making 6,000 matches in World of Tanks, I played another dozen and decided I needed to take a break.    My premium account is only active a few more days, and the family is complaining.   I can play games, that’s not a problem, but games that you can’t pause in the middle of can be a problem.    So I finally logged in and really played EQ2 once again.

It is absolutely amazing how quickly I was gaining levels and AA’s.    Just wander around, whack green mobs, and watch that XP bar skyrocket forward !    I used to get all excited about getting a massive 10% gain in XP.     I think this progression is better, I have a much better chance of having my interest held.    I am aware that it was double XP weekend, but still, it was insane.

And killing the mobs is much easier.   There’s apparently two factors to that – first, the combat has been eased up.     It’s not so flaming hard to kill anything, which allows more solo play.    That’s realistically the way I have always played anyway so I am liking this change.   And second, they have apparently done something to the Mystic class as the in-game chatter is “Mystic is a DPS class”.     How strange is that ?     Tezcatlipocca has gone from killing grey mobs and having them be deadly fights, to a guy who may be able to take on heroics.     Now, I haven’t tried that yet, but it sounds like I should.

I have a quest journal filled with half-completed quests all over the gameworld, and I’d like to try and finish more of them.    If nothing else I can count the number of them completed as per the quest journal (1899).    Didn’t manage to do any so far.     Instead I had Tez and Hue out killing in the gameworld, harvesting items, and tradeskilled Tez up to 48 alchemist.

Things I have discovered :

  • My account from years ago has many expansions added to it free.    I need to buy Destiny of Velious and Age of Discovery to be up to date.   I think that’s 6,000 station cash – too bad I missed the triple cash event.
  • Everybody’s talking about making dungeons and collecting marks.   I might check that out someday.    I suspect they are all set up for level 90’s so I haven’t looked at this yet.
  • There’s apparently a way to make youtube videos.   I’ll have to try that, if I can remember how to minimize the interface.
  • eq2.fluffy.dk is still active.    You rock Fluffy.     Might go through and update all my quests there.
  • You can get 250 AA without the latest expansion, and 300 AA with it.    Seems to make sense for me to continue filling out AA and not level my characters; Tezcatlipocca has 95 and there are more I would like.
  • Potions stack to 100 !     They might actually be useful.   I have a group of T4 potions that I’ll have to use and see how they go.
  • Harvests stack to 200.
  • It is apparently still forbidden to buy plat.   Now that the Bazaar is Freeport, seems you can’t buy plat from other players either.
  • Players have tons of plat; as I monitored the auction channel, things kept selling for 100 – 300 ish plat.    My hoard of 225 plat seems tiny.
  • Many collection quests were added to Lavastorm.   Have started several.    One also added to Everfrost.

I need to learn about the following items :

  • 100cm, 150cm – what is cm?   Sounds like the pregnant woman is dilating !
  • There’s a little box on my items.     Is this for adornments ?   I don’t know how to acquire these things either.
  • Mercenaries.    Something like NPC’s that fight with you.    Wonder where I get them ?
  • Zone map.     I feel like I’m missing a lot of zones.    I can click the world icon on the Qeynos Harbor and many places are available.    I should try the spires in Antonica again as well.    Is there another zoning method ?