Life is Crime : For a little social game this gets pretty hot and heavy.     Downtown Burbank in-game is a madhouse of drug selling and mobsters whacking each other.     I am in a hot and heavy fight with another guy who wants to take over.    My strategy of setting 500 points over on all my locations (and maintaining that) has stopped the losses of all my kingpins to my many challengers.   There are other determined players encroaching on me but I can’t maintain everything, so I’ve accepted the slow encirclement and just want to hold on to what I can, and take the other guy down as much as possible.

I drove up to Arroyo Grande over the weekend and got listed on quite a few leaderboards due to that trip.   The wife drives; I bang away on the phone.    As we drove the highway locations appeared and disappeared, and I tried to get listed on many of them.   This boosted my daily income which is now over $5m per day.     It’s fun to collect the money even if there is little to spend it on.

Note that I don’t list my level on this update – that’s because the mechanics have changed such that the last thing you want to do is level up.   The higher level you are, the more of a target to be attacked.    I am doing what I can simply to hold onto territory and gain as little XP as possible.

Nightclub City : While I haven’t forgotten about this one, it’s a pretty simple thing I’m doing.   Log in.   Liquour up the clubs and set the music to play for 12 hours.   Collect money.     And log out.    Haven’t been spending anything much or upgrading the clubs, but that time will come I’m sure.

The exception is the Tron club – it’s “Done” for the moment.

Looks pretty cool to me.