Over the Christmas holiday, and the latest special for World of Tanks, I have done far too many matches and neglected many important things such as paying bills, feeding the dog, going to work, and ignoring children asking “When is Santa coming?”

Well, not exactly, but I sure played a ton of matches.    Bought many tanks at 1/2 off as well.   As always you can see my public stats at this link.

Biggest achievement is unlocking the next step to the German Maus tank :

VK 4502 AUSF A unlocked

In addition, a few other things of note.

  • My MS-1 crew finally made 100% on their camo skill.    They’re about as good as they’re going to get.   Sure, I could level up their other two skills but neither of those are used much in matches at Tier 1.     Oddly, I find myself feeling done with the MS-1 newbie tank finally.    The matches have been fun, but they’re limited, and I’ve achieved everything realistic for this little tank.   So the question is if I will ever get another tank over 500 matches to dethrone them from “Most Played”.
  • I am working up no less than one USA (T29), four USSR (SU-85b, T-28, A-20, T-50), and four German (Leopard, VK3601H, Tiger P, Ferdinand) tanks to elite status.    Describing progress at this point is just pedantic and boring, with this many irons in the fire.   I’m not too interested in the Ferdinand, but the VK3601H is what I am most motivated to finish.
  • The AUSF A costs about 2.4 million credits, but with that many tanks being worked I am in no hurry to buy it.     If I manage to achieve that many extra credits over my 8m baseline I’ll buy it, but until then I need to work on all the ones I’ve already bought.    I’m trying to decide if I want to sell the VK3001P, and use the crew for this tank.
  • I hear a lot of complaining about the USA heavy line.     The T29 in particular gets called a lot of names.     But the ten matches I have played in it…. were all fun.    And this is with the stock tank.     I am curious how I’ll feel after I get more matches under my belt.    I contrast this with how I felt about the Ferdinand, which was excruciating until I got the T10 gun and 100% crew, at which point it started being more fun.

Check out this match where I got a Top Gun in the much maligned T-28.    Fun !