The 7.0 update includes the ability to use replays.     You first need to turn on the replay recording in the menu, and afterwards small files (500-700k) are saved in your replays folder in the game directory.

This is an example.   It was a fun match in Himmelsdorf where we won, and I got a Reaper medal (3 kills) and Sniper.

Now the way I used the replay file is to simply double click on it inside of the replays folder; this launches World of Tanks in replay mode.    So you will need to have the game installed in order to view the file, and be aware that it doesn’t always work for me.  I checked this post in the three browsers available to me.

  • Chrome was the easiest.    Click the link, it auto downloaded the file, and select Open.   Replay ran fine.
  • Firefox launched and asked me to give it a helper application.   I had to browse my way to the games folder, selected the EXE and it seemed to work.    It crashed but I chalk that up to imperfect replay functionality, would probably work if you clicked on it again.
  • Internet Explorer worked seamlessly, downloaded the file and ultimately ran successfully.   Took long enough to run for some reason.

So feel free to watch and see how well I did 🙂 .