On a regular basis Wargaming runs specials within World of Tanks, and Christmas time is no exception.    The usual 5x XP is being given, and low-tier premium tanks are 50% off.

I’ve purchased three low tier premium tanks, and don’t really expect to buy any more.   The reason is the amount of credits received for playing them is still small, and I just have an absolute unlimited amount of matches needed on any of the tanks in my garage (48 slots at the moment!).   The big credit generators might be a different story, but they are costly.  I do have a Lowe which is a fantastically fun tank to play and generates tons of credits.

An excellent special though is the 1/2 off the purchase of any tier 2-5 tank.    I’ve been putting off buying a Leopard and this looks like the push I need to get me started on that bad boy; I could also move forward on the USSR and American TD lines for instance.     Maybe it’s finally time to work towards that KV actually……