• 32k of 99k needed on Tiger P to get the next step towards the Maus.
  • 68k of 176k needed on Ferdinand to get the Jagdtiger.    This is the top German tank destroyer, but I’m not really pushing to get this tank.    Matches in the Ferdi are fun already.    The Tiger P, that is much more like a grind.
  • 16k of 55k needed on T-50 for the T-50-2.    Having fought the T-50-2 too many times, I really want one as it seems to work effectively as an insanely fast light tank with a big gun.
  • 3k of 49k on VK3601H, working towards next tank.   I finally got all the equipment on this tank as well.

The gun choices on the VK3601H are interesting.    I can’t decide between these two :

  • A Tier 8 gun with 65 damage but 167 penetration
  • A Tier 7 gun with 220 damage but 123 penetration

Now if you were always the top dog in the matches, you’d select the T7 gun as it would do the most damage, and you’d likely penetrate everything.    But against higher tier tanks I got a lot of bounces.    On the other hand, a gun with high penetration does little damage against lower tier targets.     For the moment I’m trying out the T8 gun and we’ll see how it goes.

New feature in 7.0 is information about when your crew will get more skill.    It works like this :

  • Crew members have general skill that starts out at 50% and goes to 100%.
  • They next select a specialty that goes from 0% to 100%.
  • Total of three specialties are possible if you can play that many matches with the same crew.

What’s been very annoying for me is just waiting to find out, am I ever going to get another point ?   When will I move from 97% to 98% ?   It takes many matches sometimes, and the annoyance factor is high when you exit the match and sigh, “Argh, still at 97%”.    So they finally addressed that and each crewmember tells you how many more matches they expect you to need :

21 battles left. Unless I start sucking worse than usual.