It's finally here.

The first thing I notice is that while skins are still active, about half of my tanks skins have been overwritten by the patcher.    So I spent a fair amount of time putting them all back from backups – they work immediately.    What’s annoying is some got overwritten, and some did not – so for the entire night I spotted whatever tank was not skinned, then made sure to replace the skin file.    In game, out of game, in game, out of game.   Kind of ruined the flow.

The backups that I kept didn’t help much – it turned out it was easier to go to mirtankov.net and browse for “the one that looked like warhammer” and redownload it.   So my 7.0 upgrade day will be remembered for this.  Feh.

Managed to play the new Swamp map two times, once on either side.    It’s an interesting map that will be more obvious about how to play as I get it more often.     There are two roads you can move along, NE and SW, and you apparently can also push through the middle of the swamp.   I tried the roads.

The tanks are now displayed American, German, USSR.    Alphabetically ?   They used to display USSR, German, American.    During a battle the list of tanks involved has been much improved.

The other changes are behind the scenes and sound good.     Now if you’ll excuse me I need to find that skin for the E-100.