Made it back iton Everquest2 again.   There’s a big problem with EQ2 at the moment – EQ2players is apparently GONE.     Might not matter to everyone, but remember I played this as the obsessive quester.    If so, what will I do with my time in Norrath ?

My achievements had reset for whatever reason,so I reselected them.    I didn’t see any real differences – picked the agility and intelligence line which give my Mystic better soloability.   I remember deciding to fill out my achievements more first before leveling, so I set experience earned to go 100% to alternate achievements.   I struck out and started working my way up to Castle Mistmoore, didn’t have any problems.    Was able to kill ^ mobs very easily; I was wondering if I should go after the ^^^ green-con gargoyles when I realized the quest I was going to work needed a whistle.   Will have to work that some other time – I can’t find it in my inventory or bank.

The Norrath I saw was mostly unchanged, but then again I only entered Qeynos, Antonica and Loping Plains.   The map is much different, but I will have to reinstall Eq2maps because I miss all of my points of interest.

In the meantime, the Burning Sea, World of Tanks, and Norrath await.   So many possibilities, so little time.