Milestones achieved this week :

  • Over 50k earned towards Jagdtiger (costs 176k)
  • My equipment purchase bonanza is coming to an end, but I’ve bought equipment for many different tanks & probably spent 2 million credits.
  • Earned all research upgrades on my T-50 and Tiger P.
  • About 10k earned towards T-50-2, and 11k earned towards VK 4502 P Ausf A.
  • 100%’ed my Lee’s commander.    Yes, I kept the Lee, and I even like it.
  • Earned a Boelter’s medal for the first time in my Ferdinand.
  • Purchased the VK 3601 H.    Always had a hard time facing this tank, I hope I can use it as well as it’s been used against me.    But first need to make it through all the research upgrades before I’ll really know how good it is.
  • Starting to like the Tiger P.    The T8 gun is nice and the rammer definitely helps.   The armor is decent but the tank has problems getting its engine blasted constantly.
  • Definitely like the T-50.   Most of the time I’m the low man on the totem pole and I run through the enemy at the appropriate time.    Sometimes I’m in the middle, and its speed is very helpful, and its gun is pretty nasty for my opponents.

The 7.0 update is coming soon.   The developers are doing good things with this update, stability, scalability, and other important things.   No date has been established other than “Soon”, probably meaning this week.