Life is crime : 95% to level 19.    My dominance of downtown is being challenged by no less than three players, so I have my hands full with trying to stay at the top of the leaderboards.    And that’s fine.    Why else bother to play if it’s not fun ?

The locations I have requested to add into the game have been added.    I was a bit worried it was a waste of time requesting them.   Now that it’s obvious that it isn’t, I’ll have to be more systematic and add a whole ton.   I love the idea of helping to create an accurate in-game map.

One thing I have learned is that there is not an easy way of taking screenshots on an android phone.    I could look for some app to do it, but a cursory search reveals many apps that require admin privileges, and I don’t want to root my phone.    So this will remain a graphic – free post.