Hooray !   For one entire week (12/4 to 12/12) there will be a sale on garage slots 50% off.   More info here.    As I have almost filled my garage I know I will be buying these.    Lots of these.      No, I ain’t kidding, lots.

Quite a few tanks

You see I enjoy having a full garage, and since I expect to play for the long haul, I would almost like to have every tank represented in the game in my garage.

Milestones achieved this week include :

  • Purchase of T-50.   I decided I didn’t like the T-46, so sold it off and got that much closer to a T-50-2.
  • 500 matches in the MS-1.    I started playing matches with it and just didn’t stop winning.    When I was at 498 I finally lost, and the final two were easy to pick up.
  • $8 million credits banked.     The top tanks cost a fortune and so I have banked a fortune.   I have decided anything over $8m is just spendable, and if I really want something for some reason (Such as the frequent 50% off sales on purchases of new tanks) I know it’s always available to me.
  • About halfway to eliting the M6, and a long long way to go to eliting the Ferdi.

    Keep on creeping down the list

  • Purchased the Tiger P, next step towards earning a Maus.   Not sure if I like it or not; have trained the crew to 75% and am upgrading equipment as we go.