I've been banned ! (or suspended, but either way I can't log in)

As a long time Everquest 2 player I have quite a bit invested in the game.   I was suprised last month to discover this screen upon logging in.

After working it through with a support rep I found out what the problem was.   Remember back when Sony got hacked ?    I was concerned enough about the issue that I blocked SOE from being able to charge my credit card.     My subsciption was not going to be up for a fair amount of time and I was fully paid up, so it seemed like a safe thing to do.    And the last thing I wanted was some crazy charges going through, or paying for a game I couldn’t play.    Obviously, it wasn’t a good idea, but that’s with hindsight.    As my card was blocked, I got banned.

Turned out I forgot I had purchased some Station Cash, so they got a chargeback once they tried to charge my card, and absolutely no communication from them when this happened.    Well, it was my bad, even with extenuating circumstances.

SOE wanted me to give them a list of things to remove the ban – a new credit card (no problem), payment of outstanding charges (no sweat), and then we hit a roadblock.    They have some internal issue and cannot charge any credit card that I give them to remove the ban.     Oh, great.

It’s now been six weeks and they haven’t fixed whatever is wrong.   Obviously, they never will.    If I want to get back into the game, I need to buy a game card or two to pay off the outstanding charges. I’m not really ready to get back into EQ2 even though things are apparently changing for the better with the game; but leaving my valuable account banned does not sound like the smartest move either.

The worst part is I have to travel someplace in meatspace and buy the stupid thing.   Sigh.  So where do you get a game card ?    I think I’ve seen these things at Target.    Wal Mart ?   7 Eleven ?